Welcome to Top Source Supply, your premier provider for high-quality, stock-sized pallets and crates designed to meet the needs of commercial enterprises. We specialize in delivering top quality warehousing and transportation solutions directly to your business. With our broad selection of pallets and crates, we ensure that your products are secured and transported efficiently.


Pallets are a cornerstone of warehousing and transportation. They offer a stable foundation for assembling, storing, shipping, and handling goods, safeguarding them against damage while in transit. Pallets are particularly crucial for items that need an additional level of security, as they are more challenging to tamper with compared to other loading methods. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote.

  • Roto Molded Pallets: Ideal for heavy-duty applications, these pallets are durable and made to last.
  • Injection Molded Pallets: Known for their precision and uniformity, perfect for delicate goods.
  • Block/Deck Board Pallets: Versatile and sturdy, suitable for a wide range of loading requirements.
  • Stringer Pallets: A traditional pallet choice that offers strength and reliability.
  • Double Face Pallets: Allows for storage of goods on both sides, enhancing the utility.
  • Double Wing Pallets: Extend beyond the stringers to provide additional loading area and protection.
  • Solid Deck Pallets: Feature a solid platform, ideal for carrying small or irregularly shaped items without risk of slipping through gaps.


At Top Source Supply, we offer stock-sized packaging crates specifically designed for transporting large items that need additional protection and security during transit. These crates are crucial for shipping bulkier items, providing essential protection against vibration, shock, and shifting. Engineered to withstand the rigors of transport, our crates ensure your goods arrive at their destination in pristine condition. Additionally, we provide custom crating solutions designed to your specific requirements. Please contact us if you need a custom crate, and we will send a representative to your location to assess your needs and offer the best crating solution.

Pallet Jacks

To complement our extensive range of pallets and crates, we also supply pallet jacks, making it easier to move and manage your palletized goods with efficiency. Our pallet jacks are robust, reliable, and ready to assist in optimizing your operations.  Click here to shop pallet jacks.

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